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Moulard Duck

Fattened male Duck moulard (15 weeks old). Frozen whole duck without head and guts. Average gross weight 7 lb.
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The Moulard Duck (cross of male Muscovy and Pekin female) has abundant and less fibrous meat, with a depth skin that turns brown-golden crispy when cooking. Thanks to the air-chilled process to which they are subjected, we make sure to deliver 100% Duck, as there is no added water or brine to preserve it.
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Suggested use Great for feasts and special dinners with many people when cooking it whole. Also perfect to take out the Magret to pan-searing it and confit the leg & thigh separately with the rest of the meat using the fat accumulated in the skin.
Storage Keep frozen. Once opened consume as soon as possible. Defrost slowly in refrigeration and do not freeze again.