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Duck Prosciutto

Single Duck Magret Breast, Italian proscuitto style. Average gross weight 0,65 lb
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The Moulard Duck Magret transformed into a Duck ham which is handmade cured (Prosciutto style) with the finest techniques. Only the largest breasts are taken and then marinated for two days to be completely cured and dried up for more than 30 days in controlled environment. The result is a firm and depth fat layer that keeps the lean fresh, deep and red colored, bringing a velvety flavor in palate. Everything that a modern top-chef would demand on similar products from other animals like the pig.
More Information
Suggested use Cut into fine slices and place cheese board style. Serve as an appetizer or first course.
Storage Keep refrigerated. It can be kept up to 12 weeks unopened or 2 weeks open.