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Magret Duck Breast

Vacuum packed frozen Moulard Duck Magret, boneless. Average gross weight 1,9 lb (whole - double lobe)
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This breast is called Magret due to its origin: a fattened male Duck Moulard that produced Foie Gras. It is highly appreciated for its tender, soft and peculiar flavored meat, reminiscent of the finest beef cuts. Its size (900 g average) makes it ideal for sharing.
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Suggested use Done to perfection medium rare when its pan-seared or grilled. This “Duck Steak” is the perfect substitute in recipes for premium cuts of steak like a New York Strip. It also can be cut by the tips and served in fine rectangular slices, rare done with the fat seared.
Storage Keep frozen. Once opened consume as soon as possible. Defrost slowly in refrigeration and do not freeze again.